Flat rubber tensioner black

Article no. Description Q/E
60.3500.43 Flat rubber tensioner black 20×2 mm / length=32 cm 100

Natural rubber, carbon black with UV plasticizers.
Width = 20 mm
Thickness = 2 mm
Breaking force = 80 kg


EPDM is a group of synthetic rubbers or elastomers, obtained by a polymerisation of ethylene, propylene and a diene. After the polymerisation a thermoplastic polymer is obtained with one of the two double bonds intact. Mixed with soot and other fillers this forms a rubber with a number of attractive properties.

Advantage: high elasticity, longer uv-resistant, longer life.


The rubber articles shown here can under pressure, high temperatures and in connection with chemical substances (e.g. plasticizers in PVC), leave stubborn and insoluble stains. In combination with PVC fabrics, do not leave them folded up for a longer period (because of the "sweating" of the raw materials). D & P Trading BV can not be held liable for the product and consequential damage.


Only attach rubber articles to the tarpaulin during assembly.

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