Tent window sheet Low-Shrink

Article no. Description Q/E
76.2550.44 Low-Shrink 0,50 mm - 1370 mm / length=40 mtr - 3S 1
76.2565.44 Low-Shrink 0,65 mm - 1370 mm / length=30 mtr - 3S 1
76.2575.44 Low-Shrink 0,75 mm - 1370 mm / length=30 mtr - 4S 1

The flexible and transparent PVC window films from Achilles are UV - resistant and REACH compliant.
These can be used as window panes in tents, boat covers, veranda sails and flexible partitions.
Easy to unroll, very low shrinkage and weather resistant.

REACH compliant: 
Produced as standard with safe and environmentally friendly plasticizers that comply with European directives.

UV - resistant:
produced with the highest quality UV stabilisers as standard. This ensures longer life and UV-resistance.

Before processing, unroll the film and allow it to rest and acclimatise for 24 to 48 hours at room temperature to return to its original shape. Foil is not a fabric and therefore has a tendency to shrink or expand. Of course, this is dependent on temperature and environmental factors. For this reason, we do not provide a 100% guarantee on shrinkage or deformation of window film. The use and application of window film is therefore a choice and responsibility of the operator and end user.

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