Orafol Contour tape VC104+ for tarpaulins segmented

Article no. Description Q/E
09.10415.50 Contour tape VC104+ Curtain Grade Segmented white / length=50 mtr 1
09.10415.51 Contour tape VC104+ Curtain Grade Segmented red / length=50 mtr 1
09.10415.52 Contour tape VC104+ Curtain Grade Segmented yellow / length=50 mtr 1

Size: 50 mm x 50 meter.
According to ECE 104 standard.
Prevents accidents.
Increases driver safety.
Highest brightness.
Improves corporate image.
Strong resistance to high pressure cleaning.
Resistant to most chemicals.
Easy to apply.


  • The reflective foil must be stuck on the back along all sides with yellow or red reflective tape.
  • On the side, just stick the lower side and the upper corners with a yellow or white reflective tape.
  • At least 80% of the total length and width shall be plated.
  • At least 0.25 metres (bottom edge) from the ground.
  • Maximum 1.5 metres high (top edge) at the lower line mark.
  • The distance between the reflective tape and the brake lights must be at least 20 cm.
  • This applies to both contour/line and partial markings.


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