Wide slot nozzle 20 mm

This overlap nozzle for hot air blowers with a 1.24'' diameter is ideal for repair work with a .79'' wide for repair work on truck tarpaulins, other tarpaulins and other technical textiles. In tunnel and landfill engineering, this angled overlap nozzle is used to carry out overlapping welding work on areas which are difficult to access for the welding machine. The overlap nozzle fits on the Leister hot air blower such as the TRIAC ST/AT

Leister wide slot nozzle 20 mm

Article no. Description Q/E
90.107123.55 Leister wide slot nozzle 20 mm 1


Brand Leister
Nozzle connection Ø 31.5 mm / 1.25 in
Slot length 20 mm
Slot width 2.0 mm
Angle 15°
Nozzle connection Clamping connection
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